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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
I just had a sudden urge of blogging again.so i typed www.blogger.com and here i am! haha.school was tiring as usual but i managed to pulled through and survived! (:

haha.commerce test got cancelled cause nobody was prepared for it.and it was a very big chapter on Insurance.haha.there are a heck load of principles to memorise and to calculate all the premiums, that drives me up the wall.

ROAR! I was late for school today.haha.but this year's my second time ONLY! last year was so much worst! haha.and i shall not comment on it >.<
goodness la, i woke up at 725AM! tied my hair, wore my socks, shoes and pack my bag in the car! (: haha.but i showered even tho i was VERY late.

haha i'm getting so random here so its better for me to scoot.
haha.before i rattle on and on and on till the cows come home! (:

haha lalala.I WANT MY SLIDE!
my chinese new year wish is to get a double-decker bed with a slide attached to it!

bleah :( i'm feeling so nuar on this hot and sunny afternoon.
there's so much work to be done! and not forgetting, over-due work!

OHMYSKY! sarah screams!

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4:47 PM

Monday, January 29, 2007
i'm being bribed to write an entry so here it goes.

school's just so sick.and i'm really exhauasted! there's test practically every single day this week except for thursday.

AHH!I feel like screaming! and i want a SLIDE!
I need to release some stress.haha.back to childhood memories! (:

haha you probably wont see me blogging for the few weeks! i'm too lazy.

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9:48 PM

Saturday, January 20, 2007
Its been the third week of school and my energy level is still quite high.pretty amazing.orientation has past, the second week of school was a re-cap of last year's work and now this week is the beginning of new topics and syllabus.

This week was not given a good start as I fell ill.haha.I was pretty upset I lost my voice for three whole days and I sounded like a goose.haha.I could not make noise in class so it was rather boring :D haha.

today resulted in me being totally insane! I woke up, did chem and biology till about 5! after that, everything just went wrong! haha.I took out my handphone, started snapping pictures of random things.like exercise books, postcards, my room and even a sock! haha.that was not the end.I crawled under my bed and read a storybook till I got spotted by my mom! Her expression was: "what the heck are you doing?" haha.OHMYSON i tell you.

This is what i think school has done to me.

I'm finally feeling the stress! ROAR! -.-

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9:18 PM

Saturday, January 06, 2007
Its been a rather long time since i last stepped into this webpage to blog.haha ohwells.i've been busy the whole holidays.catching up with friends, camp, work and planning for orientation.all these activities did not go to waste and i'm quite glad, this holiday had been a rather good one! (:

last year passed so quickly and before i knew it, it was already 31st dec 2006! haha.we had watchnight service that night and later, a whole group of us went down to holland V, crystal jade for supper/early morning breakfast i would say.haha!

school's been draining all my energy.what a start for the year! haha.orientation for the past three days was so so tiring.its like equivalent to climbing mount everest! haha, man i tell you! been sleeping at 2 plus 3, waking up at 6 and getting to school by 7! madness! haha but praise the lord! i've been early so far (:

games were rather good.haha cause you must see who planned it! (: HEEHEE >.<
besides that, we had bangara mass dance! (: haha.it was really fun.yesterday, we had a hike at bukit batok nature park together with amazing race.haha! maurice and myself were walking around the park more than 6 times, visiting all the stations which were all over and checking out whether station masters and the students were doing okay.

haha but i tell you! we secretly skipped two stations which were the cheering/dance station and the handicap game! cause it was near the entrance and you have to walk at least a good 20 minutes, up and down slopes plus steps just to get to the main park area.haha! hopefully, karen does not read this! (:

haha.most of the time, we were bumming around shelter C.bon and denise's station.HAHA! cause their station was a hand-made spiderweb where students have to crossed and not get touched by the strings.for every string touched, there would be a 30 secs hold back for the whole team.haha! and during the midst of the game, there would be bomb bags being thrown! haha.so it was quite interesting! (: haha!

maurice also made me LOST! or rather made me walk a longer way up to the memorial wall tower! HINT HINT! mm.there was a straight route but instead we took a whole circle just to get up to the entrance where we were suppose to carry some light refreshments down.aye, i tell you! i've probably lost some weight! (: HEEHEE.

the OGL's and OAGL's were the last to leave the place as we needed to clear up! but maurice, the 2 jonathans and myself took a cab back to school cause we had to carry stuff back and also, i was dead shacked.haha! a good excuse! (: HEEHEE.it resulted in almost all the stupid chin cheong people asking: "how did you get back to school so fast?" my answer: "i have wings..." GAG.so retarded.haha but not funny! i think i'm just siao.

so, after everything was over, the orientation comm celebrated by calling pizza! (: haha.and a group of us, monkeys were playing hockey! haha.I love hockey! (:

haha.anyways, on a side note, orientation was quite a success tho there were many hiccups along the way! THANKS BE TO GOD! (:

OHYES! my new class's quite funny! there are two extremes! TOO QUIET AND TOO NOISY! HAHA.ohman! for now, there's 8 people in the class and 2 are new! one's so political.keep asking whats the rules and regulations of the school, hows the teaching methods of the subject teachers...so KIASU! another one's just ________.
no comments.

aye.haha! (: i've finally blog but i dont think you'll see me blogging again for the next few months! but that does not mean i'm dead yah! haha.
alrighty, i'm sleep-deprived so i'm off to sleep again! (:

haha.goodnight folks!

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1:54 PM

Friday, November 03, 2006
i'm so glad its the weekend though the exams have ended and there's not much but still its been a crazy week.
this is what happened the whole week.

there was no paper on monday.
exams ended on tuesday.
slept the whole day on wednesday.
went chinatown shopping on thursday.
went back to school, the gym and cell.

anyways.Chinatown shopping is so cool.OHMYSKY! (: haha.its not that cheena actually. it sells quite hip clothes, accessories and nice little pretty beaded items.
HEEHEE.imagine a three-storey market, dirty and smelly selling youth fashion clothes.haha its the ultimate! (: its like the small version of chatuchak in bangkok! HEEHEE.bought a few gifts for our few upcoming friends birthday too.we had a chinese cheena and traditional lunch.pork bun! (: haha.i guess its just for the feel.rather then eating chicken rice or something which you can find at any food court! HEEHEE.Lovely (:

went to vivo city cause we were still early for dinner.at some really good korean food outlet.haha.there's a sky park at level 3.
so fun! its like mini sentosa where everybody just let it out and so much freedom is there.people playing and splashing around with water, soaking their legs and mingling around with friends.haha! the ultimate fun! (:

haha.besides all these fun, the best part was i decided to be an ah-lian yesterday which made it so fun to dressed up! i wore a plain white top with a khaki coloured skirt, a green long beaded necklace, big yellow polka dot earring, a huge ring and ah lian slippers! there's a meaning behing it yeah.its Chinatown! (: haha.

i know.its so dots.but its extremetly great! haha.erms.
for pictures, go to joyy's blog which is www.joyy2theworld.blogspot.com

today was yet another exciting day! got back my results and i think i'm quite happy. though some subjects were a fail grade but overall it was acceptable.
haha.went to the gym [fitness first plus] i think with joyy later in the afternoon. it was quite okays.my arms and legs are aching now.which shows i've not been exercising.haha due to exams! i've been pigging so much.eating non-stop.haha i'm glad and thankful for today's work-out! (:

HEEHEE.yay.its the weekend!
i have a whole lot of events and stuff to do tmr! (:

haha.for now, i'll go to my small little corner and cuddle myself with my pillow, chicken little boster and my warm cosy blanket! (:


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11:16 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
things have been complicated.i dont know how to bring this across but it just hurts me to see my close friends being drifted apart from one another just for a mistake being done.sometimes i even hate being the centre person and i ask myself why.
at times, i really wonder does all these hurting of one another indirectly or whatever the case is really solve the problem or makes it worst.

sighs.i'm glad my overseas friend called up yesterday and talked to me.i'm feeling so much better now.and i guess in a way, not so tensed up.haha.
thanks (:

went to watch [[the guardian]] today.quite an interesting show.haha.

anyway.i better go tidy up my room since the exams are over!
i really hope i do get promoted.haha.

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7:52 PM

Friday, October 27, 2006
once again, i'm at joyy2theworld's house.
exams have not ended but its called RELIEVING STRESS! (:

HEEHEE.we went grocery shopping after our math paper and bought ready-made instant jellyfish, marcoroni cheese with ham, roti prata and ice-cream mooncake! (:
haha.I cooked the marcoroni and joyy did the prata.

haha.SURPRISE SURPRISE! I, Sarah Wong did not burn down the kitchen! haha.
at least, i've been promoted to a higher level of cooking.it use to be instant cup noodles and now... BOO!* its MARCORONI CHEESE AND PRATA!!

haha.last paper on tuesday! (: this exam's been so nuar and dot dot dot.
I felt all the papers were easy but just did not know how to do it.
but nevermind! its over!

anyways.i'm going home soon to sleep.taking a break tonight and i'll start mugging tmr! (: haha.
cant wait for everything to be over!

imagine the things i'll be doing - sentosa.chinatown shopping.many other things.
haha.how fun! (:

till we meet again-

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